Wednesday, March 3, 2010

About a boy

So I saw this fantastic idea on making jewelry from paper and the ancient art of Origami. You can use pretty much any flower but this one used lilies and was just STUNNING.
I found very explicit instructions on how to fold this simple little flower, but after about 5/6 attempts of crumpled up paper and a lot of frustration I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat... alas the British in me would not let that happen, so when I went to a friends house and saw perfectly folded lilies I had to find out who had done them... It was this interesting little boy who is just a mere 11 (?) years old, without any hesitation (or notice) he showed me in a few simple steps how to do it, not only that he is also going to show me how to do a heart & the crane Ahhhhhhhhh at last the Lilly, Thank you Max. This artistic young man comes from a family of amazing artistic people just check out his dad's website, some of you may have heard of Bradbury & Bradbury?

Making the paper ready to fold the flower... avec coffee
I now have hundreds of these all over the house, thanks Max ;-)
Letting the varnished flowers dry, before assembling them into wearable art

Somewhat of the finished product, at least the prototype, the one for the store is not finished yet, but it will be this evening... I'll link it when it is.

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