Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sugar and Spice and all things ...

Yes that's what little girls are made of. Especially these little girls.
We had a fun day during the spring break and Ella had some friends over for a sleepover and then a play-date for the the day... we made these masks as you can see.

Jude also got in on the action and made a great Lion mask to scare the girls!
And then we took them out in to the public to show the world what they had created.

I love how at this age there is no inhibition, just freedom to be who you want to be. There was something freeing about watching this take place, I need to be more like a little girl, more free with me, and I don't mean jumping on the table free like these little ones, but more in tune with my inner child and not caring so much about the worries of this world but enjoying the great moments like this more... everyday!

Although sometimes its nice to be able to hide behind a mask!