Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Among the etsy store I also dabble in decorating houses, children parties, weddings etc... my trusted friends and I were asked to help out a young lady to decorate her wedding this past Saturday.

For those of you that know you know me you know how ummmmmm I like to be in charge of everything and pretty much try and do it all myself, but this time Krissi along with Tiffany took the lead on this one and I was happy to lend a helping hand. We had the idea of keeping it young and fun to reflect the brides personality.
Originally we were going to do everything bold jewel tones and use several colors... red's, oranges, purples, greens etc... but after painstakingly setting up arrangement after arrangement Krissi decided to suggest the we just stick to the purple tones... It looked FAB!
Take a peak at some snap shots I managed to get during the setup and before the wedding party was seated!

Aren't my darling children helpful!?

And what kind of wedding would it be without a tower?
These two guys were amazing... not only can they build very cool towers but they are the only blokes I know that would go to this length to make sure the hall looked amazing... I can't tell you the difference this really did make... thanks boys :-)
Yes they are actually measuring the napkins and chairs!

The cake table before...
Krissi made all of these cupcakes, I think 260? and the AMAZING chocolate cake too... It was delicious

Such a great idea for the table numbers. Tiffany took ages cutting these out and they look so good!

All this was done on a very tight budget too. A huge huge thank you to all of our dear friends who really made it easier by helping us set up, THANK YOU xxxx


  1. love it!! I should have you style a shoot for me!! I want to do an Alice in Wonderland type shoot still with the girls :)

  2. This was all so beautiful! Thank you for making Savannah's day so wonderful! You were all amazing!