Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sac Etsy Team Feature ~ Prairie Primitives Folk Art

NOw it's the new year and the crazy rush has gone, it's time to get my butt back into gear and start working, bloggin & listing again!
So I though I'd go for an easy blog to kick it of with! I say easy because this lady is easy to write about. She has a fantastic store on Etsy and Artfire with some very very cute things in them, just take a look at these clothes pin magnets!
Anyway please meet...  

So as with all team mamber features I try to get up close and personal (not too close ;-))
Tana has been on  etsy for about 4 1/2  years which makes her one of the veterans (etsy was est. 2005)
Tana told me that she likes to draw inspiration from her imagination of what life must have been like for settlers on the Midwestern prairie in the early and mid 1800s. This would be an interesting thing to discover too, you can just imagine the wagons and caravans of that time, although I am sure it was far from the depictions of the John Wayne movies we are all so familiar with?! I might have to dig deeper in to this myself at a later time?

Isn't this fabric covered box darling?

If you own an etsy or artfire store you know it be hard to get the word out! especially as there are SOOOOO many talented store owners out there! so Tana tells me the best advice for other fellow etsy members is just to hang in there! Success doesn't come overnight! Also, don't put all your eggs in one basket, keep getting the word out as much as possible i.e business cards, twitter and facebook! With twitter and facebook you  can set them up to automatically post new listings, and also blogging is another way to get the word out an keep it interesting (you hope) so Hang in there, Hang in there, Hang in there!

 I asked Tana what changes she would like to see esp with etsy?
" I'd like to see Etsy not require shoppers to create an account in order to make a purchase (Artfire doesn't require shoppers to have accounts). I would like etsy to go back to the narrower screen width; since they "went wide," I now have to scroll horizontally on EVERY page. Also, as manager of the Sac Etsy Team, I would like to see some of the suggestions made by various team managers incorporated into the new Teams page." ... So etsy people I hope your reading this??? some great suggestions that we would alll like to see!

One of my favorite questions to ask is who would you most like to meet... the answer from Tana was not typical, you know Shakespeare, Aristotle or Martha Stewart! it was TheBlackApple Another fellow etsy memeber! Why I hear you ask?  well read her answer... 
 "Hands down, it would be TheBlackApple! She has had more than 32,000 sales in the five years she's been on Etsy! Although much of what she sells is prints of her original artwork, I'd like to know how she manages the orders, inventory, shipping, etc... "
What an inspiration for all of us etsyians! wouldn't it be nice to get at least one sale a day!? 
Well enough of the chatter, check out some of her work dotted throughout the rambling, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you so much Tana for your candid answers, you are a great team leader an we all appreciate your hard work!  Go Sac Etsy Team