Friday, May 20, 2011

summer time and the living's easy

June is rapidly approaching. I still can't believe it's the end of May! I think I'm stuck somewhere back in February. But if you're on my side of the planet, summer is coming!

Here are some tips for an easy breezy summer life:

1. Wear sunscreen. Every day. Everywhere! (Don't forget your hands.) And reapply.

2. Those snazzy shades you have stashed in your purse, get them out. Put them on! And wear them all day, we tend to wear our glasses only in the afternoon when the sun is above us and our eyebrows do most of the protecting. Make sure you wear your sunnies when the sun is at eye level.

3. Bring a jacket or cardigan with you. I usually throw a light knit cardigan in my bag, one that looks okay after being wadded up for a while. Air-conditioned buildings can be chilly!

4. Keep toenails looking fresh. Trim regularly and invest in a good topcoat for your polish. Nobody likes scuzzy toenails in cute sandals.

5. Wear a hat. Get a straw fedora, and embellish the side with a clip like
these. (shameless self promotion. hehe)

First day of summer is June 21st. Let's get busy!


  1. I love it, now if only it would feel like summer.

  2. I Know right! Hey you won that thingy from me right? You going to claim?