Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lets go shopping...

Well I stated this last Monday, but have had no time to finish it so with a sick little boy making me housebound, I'll get to it now!!!

This last weekend I have the privilege of working with some AMAZING people at the East Sac Garden Tour Boutique. It was really nice to see the support for the school particularly when it seems that the schools need the most help! The weather was lovely, the birds singing, the gardens I hear were magnificent. A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this VERY special event.

So I'd like to introduce you to some of the vendors, everyone who showed up did an outstanding  job and the booths looked faboulous. I hope to work with you next year.

One of my personal favorites was a fellow Sac Etsy Member Whose store is called Wire Art Ink and I LOVED her display and her art work. 

We had a good support form the Sac Etsy Team and I owe all of you a HUGE thank you! In fact Etsy had a good showing in general here with team members and non-team members both making a great contribution, check them out at the Garden Tour Website, I was going to list them all but there were just to many!

So back on to a few more of my particular favs, Blossom and Poppy had a good selection of some really cute things 

As well as the Secret Garden who had really cute things that were reasonable too!

Now these guys were AWESOME! Duchess and Duke Soap Company is a small Husband and wife team who's dedication to make their products incredibly pure and almost edible and absolutely the best is inspiring! This was one of their first shows and I know the website is still under construction but you should really try out their products! Their display was as simple, elegant and pure as their products!

 And of course my booth I was featureing some new art items that will be in my etsy store soon, feel free to email though if you see somethign you like, I can do customs too!


I was supported, actually she mostly maintained my spot for me! Was my good friend Mila from LaRee Jewelry design who's items always do well, they are adorable right?!

I was also promoting my other business An English View too!

I loved this girls stand, The Felted Pear it's so hard to find people who can do felted fruit well, she can and it was hard not to buckle and buy anything!

Also with custom wreaths made from recycled books was For now forever, these were a big hit! 

 And last but not least to add to my long list was J.Brian's Valley Harvest who's jams and jellies were UHMAZING! 

 By the end of the weekend we were all exhausted but happy, esp when my two did this to give us a little peace hehe!

I have a ton of pictures of all the vendors so please visit this link to see
more photos


  1. I'd love to look at the photos, but all that show up on the flickr site you linked to are 3 of the photos you have in your blog...


  2. Sorry about that! I think it's fixed now :) thanks for letting me know.