Monday, March 15, 2010

I do get obsessed

So I think I do have an addictive personality, or so I have been told! but I try to use for the better instead of TV, wine & chocolate!

My latest addiction are these origami lilies. I have some really cool papers and it has been a real trial and error as to which ones work best... enjoy :-)

I love how they all look... I think maybe a hanging mobile is on the horizon??

I finally made the white liliy which I think would look lovely for a wedding, I do really LOVE how the necklace turned out too, it feels very elegant! I just listed it so we will see...

And I have these resin cameo's that I had no idea what to do with until one day... aha!

Just loving the pink and yellow together, maybe because it's spring!?

Is it wrong to have too much fun with something?

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