Friday, March 19, 2010

Lunch Box Lane... Feature

So I want to feature new and exciting people, especially here in Sacramento.

Someone who caught my eye was Jenelle from Lunch Box Lane well I tell a lie actually it wasn't Jenelle so much as her amazing biscuits (American Translation= Cookies) they look so amazing, truly edible works of art...
Jenelle is a stay at home mum with an incredible artistic flare... so many talented mompreneurs out there... keep up the good work ladies.

Please stop by her blog or her store and show some support for her tasty wares!
The heart with the hole is so cute too

Just look at the detail in the bag she sends out too! nice work Jenelle :)

I know she does custom work too, we have some tiaras coming in April for special party for my daughter... I'll post when we get them.

To keep you salivating though look at these yo gabba gabba cookies!