Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Alice in Wonderland is my new favorite film, well this week at least.
So we took our kids to see which was my husbands idea... I was skeptical but he insisted. We have a 6 year old and a 41/2 year old. So I told my daughter its going to be scary REALLY scary much more so than UP She assured me she was going to be fine. So I told my hubby that if she "started" then he has to take her out and I'd get to watch it! She was AWESOME and only got scared at a really gruesome part. I'm not recommending it for the faint hear-ted or the sensitive ones either!
The film was almost like watching moving art. The costumes were completely amazing especially Alice's, one of my favorites being when she is with the red queen in her castle...
look at this! you can't see very well but the skirt is kind of like a kaiya eve pettiskirt... so adorable!

Johnny Depp was amazing as usual and his makeup and costume were great. Don't expect it to be all warm and fuzzy or anything like the cartoon, its not but it was very very well done.

So officially it gets a 10/10 from EW


  1. Oh, I really want to see it!! Riley's been asking me to see it but I'm not sure if she's ready!! So glad you liked it :)

  2. I loved it too. And that red dress was spectacular. It totally made me want to make some red, black and white pieces.