Saturday, June 19, 2010


Wow has it been over a whole month since my last blog post!
Let me fill you in one some of the things have been happening.
Yes, I have been sewing. These dresses are adorable and will be available in the next few weeks via my Etsy store. So do keep an eye out.

My daughter broke her foot, but is making a fast recovery. It was a grueling few weeks for sure, with her on bed rest for about 2 1/2 :-( But! She now is running around as if nothing has happened.

My Son graduated from kindergarten.

My daughter graduated from pre-school.

We spent a few days with dear friends at the beach.

I finished a project that has been on the go for a while now. I will post better pictures later ( I promise)

And My Husband and I got to have some down time at a few concerts.
(Massive Attack @ the Warfield)

I had to post a picture of this funny little cat we saw on our adventures... he has a thumb! I wonder if he can open doors, or flush the loo?

Its going to be a busy but FUN summer... more to follow soon. And MORE Ella's Wardrobe to come too.

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