Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Before and After (Finaly)

Well ONE of the reasons I have been absent is because we have been moving... YUCK!! I have also been working on a new business venture, an offshoot if you like from Ella's Wardrobe. Custom curtains etc... but more about that later.

The house we are in now is a really nice high water bungalow with a full basement, which is where my sewing studio is now located. Its a fantastic space with lots of room, so much so that my husband now shares it with me (some of the time)
One of the features I love most about the house are the original built-ins, trims & windows, I LOVE that rippling effect when the sun shines through the old glass, and being so high up we get a great view of the trees! so restful (ha not a chance with a 6 & 5 Year old)

They however say home is where the heart is, for me that will always be where my lovely hubby and two crazy little ones are of course, but there is still a large part of my heart back home in England! So this is where this door hanging comes in. Bought from our most recent visit last December I now have a piece of England and my lovely (little) family under one roof, and doesn't it make the perfect welcome to the house along with this fantastic door?

Well here comes the before and after pictures, bear with me, there are a lot.

This is (part) of the kitchen

Not that we didn't like the dark blue or the bright yellow. But I have always wanted an Aqua kitchen...

I had this marble stand from the last house, I just repainted it and spray painted the handles this yummy blue colour (LOVE spray paint)

One of the most amazing things about this house is the back garden (yard) it seems to go on for days!

The living room. We liked the terracotta (a little) but... the house was begging for a more restful tone. I LOVE how it turned out.



The built in had been painted in a really dark faux wood finish, which really made the room seem dated. We sanded it down and painted it with a more traditional colour, white! it now shows of my china from Europe nicely.



The Chandelier in the dining room again from our last house was OK as before, but I had a can of red spray paint so...


This is all for today but I am working on the next post, I already have it saved, it just need a few tweaks here and there and I want it to look good as its a preview of the new venture and I have some great pictures to share.

See you soon


  1. Hello from Costa Rica! Seeing pictures of your cozy (and already familiar) new diggs is a welcome shot of warm California sunshine (by way of jolly old England, of course!). You are the master homemaker! Give the babies a kiss for me. Miss you and love.--DEL

  2. P.S. I posted this from my friend Tawnya's google email account by accident. It's really me, Danielle.

  3. Phew I was afraid I might have a stalker! ;-) love and hugs from England... whooops I meant Sac town of course xxx

  4. Georgina!! I want to do a photo-shoot in your home!! It's sooo perfect!!