Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ella's Room

I really needed to give Ella some more shade and insulation in her new bedroom, the house we are in has the original windows, great for the look, bad for the weather or any noise!
I wanted to make really thick (bump) lined Roman Blinds for her but needed it done yesterday, so with that time frame I had to use a thinner interlining. Oh well, they still look cute and offer a little more protection then the roll up and vertical blinds that were there.

I Took "before" photos too but I'm not a very good photographer so they turned out looking BAD :-( ahhhhh I need assistance in that area.

But I took a "before" of another window to give you an idea of how bland these types of shade are, I know we live with them because they are easy and cheap, but isn't it time to bring some colour into your lives?

Before (kind of)...

And the after...

I wanted to trim the bottom, I LOVE bobble fringe on the bottom of blinds.
but I didn't want to take away from this lovely Heather Bailey fabric so I chose a subtle velvet lace trim instead.

One of my favorite things is the coronet (tent) above the bed, I used a shear that I had used for another window in my last house, it doesn't really fit but it works. I had hand smocked the heading to make a little unusual. I love this effect on pillows too. I will post a tutorial one of these days on how to do it.

A close up view of the smocking...

Well I hope you enjoy the pics as much as Ella has her new blinds.

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