Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

Yay a new school year is finally here!
Both chit-lings very nervous and excited all at the same time, Ella couldn't wait to start... not so much for Jude, I think it was the prospect of homework! YUCK!!! who likes homework anyway???

So here they are waiting for me to get myself together. The backpacks are almost the same size as them both!
And no can mistake who they are with the names on the back, not sure if you can quite see, the writing is a little small.

No posing here?!

Almost there!...

Jude with his new big kid desk, he's so excited to have a cubby in it.

But he just had to go Back to Ms Willow for a quick visit.

Jude ready to start
And a glimpse of his already awesome teacher... Mrs Milton

And a peek in at Ella ready for the new day too.

Well at the end of the day I ask both kids how it went, Jude said it was the best day of his life, he loves his new teacher, class and his desk. Ella had a full on I'mNotGoingBackToSchoolEver melt down, floods of tears. Worst day of her life.

Today I wake up and tell her "hey your 5 today" she then say's "what right now??" So I say "yep, two hours again to be precise! now that your 5 you have to go to Kindergarten"... more tears :-( she managed to make her whole table cry today too, ahhhhh sweet girl doesn't do things by halves. She assures me that she will be brave and there will be no more tears! We shallsee.

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