Friday, November 26, 2010

What I Like

We went to the San Francisco De Young  last Tuesday with our lovely children! A lady in front of us asked us what we had done to bribe them into coming, what could she mean I asked myself, thinking they would love the D'orsay exhibit as much as we did?? Would they?...They did... they did! My son who is 6 1/2 acquired headphones from someone and figured out how to punch in the numbers to the various paintings and stood there and listened to the commentator on most of the paintings like a little old man... he was enthralled, and adorable!

We got to see a few of the Van Gogh pieces (please pronounce Van GOGHF as the French, English and Dutch do! and not Van GO ) It was amazing to see starry night and his bedroom in person up close, you really appreciate the painting so much more and it  really moves you. I'm not talking about a hoity toity way, but a ... I get ot see this famous masterpiece in person kind of way!

There was an artist featured there called George Seurat, I'm not his number one fan but seeing some of his work in the flesh made you realize how brilliant these men were. Seurat used a method called Pointillism The technique relies on the ability of the eye and mind of the viewer to mix the color spots into a fuller range of tones so you can see the painting as a whole when you step back. Have you ever seen those pictures made up of millions of small photos? well simililar concept but done with a human eye and hand and not a computor.

If you get the chance do go to see the exhibit and invest in the walking tour headphones esp. if you are taking your young ones with you.

Oh and it would be awsome to have seen more Degas!
This was my favorite as a young girl when it was on display in the Tate Gallery, London.

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