Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sac Etsy Team Feature MissTeaWinkie

Etsy is a constant struggle with few rewards other than knowing someone else loves your products as much as you do. Certainly none of us are to get rich from our stores, but ask any member and we will tell you that is not really why we do it! And that's the honest truth. For most of us  it is a release, a release from our "normal" jobs and lives.

Creating (however you do it) felting, knitting, drawing, sewing etc... the list goes on and on... Takes us to the place that makes us feel safe and free (it's a cliche´ for a reason) the times we feel good (other than when your son or daughter strokes your face and tells you how you mean the world to them and how much they love you) These good feeling-free times are few and far between, BUT!  etsy keeps these rare moments available, available to share with the rest of the world and these moments that we capture in the privacy of our home spur us on to keep creating new and exciting things. How thrilled we are to see our name featured on a blog or in a magazine or even when we have someone contact us to say how we have made their day or how they LOVE the items! ahhhh  utter bliss!

With this in mind I am trying a new thing... scary I know ;-) I want to  get up-close and personal fellow etsy store owners particularly from the  Sac Etsy Team   I want to find out what keeps them going, what and where they draw their inspiration from and what advice would they give any member? embarrassing moments are also welcome ;-)     

First up is: 

She has been on etsy for about 8 years now and has found that nothing comes to those who sleep! in fact the opposite.

She tells me that making dog clothes is no easy task, she knows that every time she sews an outfit its a reflection of you-the owner and how much you love that little baby! her outfits are cute and funny! She tells me how old movies are especially inspiring to her... Calamity Jane, Gone with the Wind & GiGi anyone?? also her love for animals keeps her equally inspired, how satisyfying to see your item on a pet that is loved so much they are spoiled rotten with love & outfits!

MissTeaWinkie joined Sac Etsy Team recenlty in the hopes to promote her site, she also does local craft events and generously donates clothes to some small dog rescues and animal related fundraisers.  When I asked her about what advice she would give she said to "Hang in there!   It does not happen overnight that is for sure.  Also, love what you are doing.  If you don't love it how do you expect others to love it enough to pay for it!" so true when you love something you get so excited about it and have a need to share it with the rest of the world.

So for you small dog paperers check out her store and bring a smile to your face with a cute little outfit!

A huge thank you to Cyndi for answering the many questions I submitted!


  1. Makes me wish I had a dog, especially a girl dog. I really love Cyndi's creations. They are absolutely adorable! Great feature!

  2. Great job! Adorable for sure!!

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  4. such cute clothes for the dogs.

    I saw your blog from bloggymoms get numbers up. I followed your blog and I hope you will also like my blog and visit/follow. Thanks