Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is it about vintage

Why does vintage feel so good, even if the fabric is nylon (not really) but seriously, I have always loved old things such as old tools like this wood plane ...

I think for me its about the smell too, I smell everything, my husband tells me I have the nose of a ninja! I can smell a single sent from a mile away, okay slight exaggeration! But you get the picture I really do love the way things smell. I was in a store in Santa Cruz the other week and smelling their leather shoes, I suddenly realized that the shop assistant was watching me with judging eyes, but that didn't stop me, after all I have got to this point in my life by worrying about what people think of me!
I even like the smell of thrift stores! crazy I know but I love that when I walk into these smelly boiled cabbage, old lady places that I might find some amazing treasure for next to nothing.

Yesterday I went into an old favorite, unfortunately I could squeeze my ever expanding bum into these amazing retro wide leg trousers! but I did find this cute BRIGHT RED vintage dress for $8 that is so mad men! I know cool isn't it? sorry no picture yet, maybe soon?

I also found some amazing vintage brooches that were priced good enough for me to turn them into  felt rings, they don't smell like boiled cabbage though, but a really nice hemp soap I use to felt the balls!

I would love to hear what oddities you guys have... feel free to email me and I'll post one!

  I LOVE how this turned out too

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