Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I really should write more, but I don't. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, normally thanks to my darling little ones who somehow manage to find their way into our bed nearly every-night! despite having their own amazing beds and being WAY to old to be in bed with us!!!!
Anyway as I was saying I have these great postings in my head but by the time I have woken from my amazing slumber! haha not I can't even begin to remember let alone write down all the things running through my mind!
Sooooo with that in mind I am taking a pledge, a pledge to write more?! yes it's that frightening to me, I am not a writer, I am a... hmmmmm well I do a lot of things but generally writing is not one of them!

One of my daughters favorite things is for me to tell her stories about my childhood! I'm wondering if she is so amazed at what a looped out crazy childhood I had or if she's planning on copying me with some of it? 

Well the current story that she has an obsession with is when I dared my younger sister Sammy to jump out of our second story window, not once but twice! 

Yep she is the skinniest and one of the prettiest of my sister's (I do have two other pretty sisters!) she did however lack the ability to see why I told her to do it and not me!!! I knew it would end in disaster but she however saw the dare and thought yep, I'm going to fly with a bin liner strapped to my back (trash bag for you non brit speaking people) 

She didn't fly, BUT... she did get to ride in an ambulance, which was very cool and that did make me very jealous, so who really won? Anyway this is what my 5 year old daughter is obsessed with, OBSESSED.

Ella; "How long did it take her to feel better? How long was the ambulance ride? How big was the bin liner?!"

Am I in trouble??? Yes I am! Do I see future hospital visits? Yes I do! Am I going to stop telling her crazy stories? NOPE! 
I'm hoping she will learn from my many mistakes, which she probably won't but at least she will know a little of who I am and where I from, hopefully she will understand her crazy mother a little better! Who knows! 
Maybe she's just stalling at going to bed?!


  1. Hmmmmmm...I can see the wheels spinning in the cuties little head as she's listening to your stories. By the way, You live in a two story house, don't you?!...I'm just sayin'....Anyways, here's to all the sleep-deprived, self-sacrificing, sour throat(from the explaining, bossing, story-telling, maybe sometimes yelling) Moms out there! You are Superwomen!! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Haha YUP I am in huge trouble aren't I ;-)