Friday, February 25, 2011

March GiveAway

Okay, I know it's not March but... the giveaway is for that month, so no snarky emails!

I have people ask me all the time to give them sewing lessons and I always say "yeah sure" but never end up doing it... secretly I am a TERRIBLE teacher, I have the patience of a hungry 2 year old and the teaching skills of a donkey. 

Having said that I love to sew pretty things and would love to be able to show YOU a basic sewing skills OR walk you through a whole project thingy if you like?? And I do say WALK because that I can do, I can stand over you and show you exactly how to do it... with patience of course (I promise) I am giving away a whole thing, aren't you excited to get a THING!!! 

(*** However IF you feel to overwhelmed to come and learn how to sew I will either make you a Pillow, Girls skirt, or tie for your little (big) man. I can send these in the mail too, so again if your not in town I can totally make you something and send it along to a new home***)

YOU choose what you want me to teach you...

It could be a skirt...

A lovely curtain or a sheer!...

 A pillow, fancy or plain...

A dress, skirt or top for your little one (doesn't have to be a girl)...

Or a Roman Blind...

 Or a tie like my little man is wearing here...

All you have to do is...
1. Leave a comment (one entry)
2. Tweet about this - Leave a comment (one entry)
3. Recommend my blog to your friends however you like-Leave a comment (one entry)
 4. Like my F/B page (one entry).
5. Link this to your blog (one entry)

"Make sure you come back an leave one comment per entry, I can only keep a tabs on each entry that way" 

The giveaway ends March 7th and I'll randomly pick one person to win that evening.

YES you can have 5 chances of winning this most crazy cool  giveaway, aren't you excited??

Oh and you must agree to let me take photos and blog about it.


  1. I'm leaving a comment, cause I've never been taught by a donkey before ;)

  2. Loving you blog, have done 3 outta 5 requirements, don't have a blog, and will post your link on my FB page xxx

  3. Blogged about it!

  4. I already liked you on FB, and now Yep likes you, too.

  5. AND....gave you a little shout out on FB. That's all five, right? :-)

  6. there is some super cute stuff here!

  7. I would love to learn how to sew roman shades. Love your site...

  8. I've done the remaining 3, which means I've done all five entries :) Would sure love to learn how to make a dress for my little girls. Pick me, pick me!!! ;)

  9. Thank you guys for all the lovely commments... This is so exciting :-) Can you tell I don't get out much??

  10. Tweeted your tweet about the giveaway. And I want to make a roman shade. Or candle. -Bella Q
    Enter to Win My Shabby Apple Dress Give-Away- the Citizen Rosebud