Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Used to intelligent!

Really at one point in my life I did.And sorry for the typos I am a little fraught (unintelligent!)

My BF growing up~ Kathryn had a TERRIBLE memory... not me! I was always on her case about why she was as forgetful as she was? Now that's me! I birthed my brains and apperntly memory out with my kids!
So take for example today!I was supposed to to this bloggy linked in thing!

grab a beer button

Probably a lot sooner then now? Huh yeah I got it down I know what I'm doing and I'm going to remember! NOPE I forgot, but I hurried back from INK and got typing, apparently I've also forgotten how to spell and use punctuation!

So here I am scrapping in by the skin of my teeth like I always do and post the link that is supposed to come here back to YeptheBlog!!! Hehe wow I am brilliant!  I know what your thinking! I can hear it, you are jealous, jeaous of my perfect life and my brilliant memory aren't you?
Sorry but this is my brain lady so back off I'm keeping it (trading is an option if you really want it?)

Well let me tell you why I had momentarily forgotten about this event?!
This week I am re-designing my sewing studio/office and it is taking MUCH longer than anticipated! I just couldnt look at these yellow walls any longer...

They HAD to go.

But I do have two amazing helpers (note the sarcasm)


We also had a little fire scare so I am going to totally blame it on that! (It's not really to blame) But (by chance I'd like to add) I came across this smoldering cord in my daughters room, melted to carpet and hooked up to her space heater which we use every night... Sorry USED to use! Can you see how crazy burnt this is? I think a couple more days and the whole room would have gone up in flames!Oh and that metal thing left in it is part of the plug I tried to pry of the heater!

Anyway the studio is... coming along SLOWLY....

But right now I am enjoying a nice glass of red!

Again sorry Kim for being late.