Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"An English View" through an American window

I think I've said may times before that I am not a writer but I have lots of thoughts going through this brain of mine, normally at 2 in the morning! This is why my blog is mostly pictures and not very interesting, I guess for on-line writing, I'm a "fakey cake baker" (that line is another story) Hence all the photos, I am also very visual too, so I get distracted unless I have something to look at, most of you are normal and are able to concentrate for more than two seconds?!

So today I wanted to write about what an amazing day I have had. I got to spend time snuggling in bed watching the laptop with my two darlings, Jude & Ella, and then I sewed a little, ate a little, but then I got to go and fit a roman shade at this LOVELY families house... really this family are so sweet, they have two little girls and are expecting their third and I had the privilege of helping them out with the nursery window treatments. Sandra was so open but knew what she wanted, not surprising really as she is also a lady of many talents, check it out! It is so awesome working with her. So with my real business "An English View" we have come up with some fun designs, here is a little of what we had concocted for the nursery, it looked SOOOOO cute.

So Before... not to sad with those lovely colour walls but you know my love for vertical blinds! I knew we could make it amazing.

And After...

Remember Joy? Well she kindly worked up a custom birdie for me just for this project!

I also got to work with her sweet little girl, Charlotte, she is so stinking cute!
Here she is letting me know how much she loves the camera, Oh and the blind should go there...


I can't wait for the next project!

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  1. You did an amazing job on the shade!! Can't wait to see the kitchen blind and girls room blind!!