Monday, April 4, 2011

Dot the i's cross the t's

I just wanted to write this clarification with regards to this blog!

My spelling is appalling as well as my grammar and general writing. I have said so many times I am not a writer, artist or anything else remotely interesting or noteworthy.

With that in mind I want to point out that this blog is is about things I am doing right at this moment in time. I write it because I like to show my latest creations and I think it's a good way to get people to see what Ella's Wardrobe has to offer (I hear you say not much haha), but because it is me writing it gets personal, that's who I am! I make what I like, I pick fabric that I like, I eat things I like and I write about what I like. I will put my personality into whatever I like doing. This blog reveals my feelings and my personality. Those feelings are mine, mine alone and not meant to hurt or reflect upon anybody else, most of what I say here is random senseless ramblings and it's amazing that you are still interested in reading it... Which I thank you for :) it has been a fun experience and I do love getting comments to see how you feel. Thank you for taking an interest.

So the disclaimer (dot the i's etc...) is this...Everything said here is meant not to be taken personally or with a wrong motive in mind, nor are my comments meant to be taken out of context! The thoughts and feelings are intended to reflect my own personal experiences. If you read something and take it the wrong way I am sorry for that, but I do not mean any harm to anyone or anything, so if you want to continue to read do so with a smile and with a good inflection in your voice. Thanks again for following and I promise some more interesting posts in the future!

Feel free to comment... keep it clean :) or email me

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