Monday, August 29, 2011

Has it really been a MONTH!!!!!

There is a very good reason for that and those if you that follow me on twitter you will know why...

Yes ladies and gentlemen it's true... Now officially 4 months and counting, I can finally feel the bump move and of course not so great is NOT being able zip up my trousers...

I have seen this done before and thought I'd jump on the band wagon by also documenting my pregnancy with various fruits & veggies. So to mark the 4 month/16 week mile stone I am going to start with an avocado, apparently this is the size of the baby right now... I happen to think that it maybe closer to a honeydew melon or a small elephant with the rate that I am gaining weight!?!
I'm not that great at taking pictures, let alone pictures of me! So please be nice and bear with me.


So here it is... the "bump"

What many of you don't realize is at this moment (it may change) I am planning on having a home birth. 
Jude and Ella were both born with-in 4 hours so I am hoping this one will be quick like them? I did both without medication... yes it can be done ladies! It wasn't fun or easy, but I recovered VERY quickly and would recommend it to anyone thinking of it and of course to anyone without complications.
 I have searched and searched here in Sacramento, CA for tips, books and advice on how to exactly have a successful home birth but have come up very empty handed! Please feel free to email me if you have any (good/nice) advice or help!

I have a midwife through my insurance company who had her own birthing clinic for over 10 years, perfect I thought, she is open minded enough to agree with me and offer some good advice etc... NOPE! She was horrified when I told her of our plans to have the baby at home and offered me very little information, maybe because she is with a huge medical company that she can't?!  
Anyway it amazes me that here in one of the most "developed" countries people have a very closed mind when it comes to this, either because of the "mess" or a horror story they have heard of a midwife almost killing the mother, to the unsolicited advice from well meaning people who think that you are putting your baby at risk because you are not in the hospital hooked up to a machine that makes you want to rip it from the wall!!  Yes I have been there!

Like I said it's not set in stone yet, as we want to make sure everything is well with the baby... but until then this is our plan and I plan on writing about this too!

A great video to watch is "The Business of Being Born" Which is on Netflix right now it is a real eye opener, there is nudity and (major) grossness in it.. I know, I know gross, but pretend you are in Europe! I was happy to see the Midwife take a woman to the hospital too when things weren't going well... this is how it should be (IMO).
I'm not one of those people that thinks that childbirth is beautiful... sorry if you do, it kind of wigs me out and it's messy, not to mention I can feel the pain with every cry! Although watching a c-section is far worse for me, sorry if you have ever had to go through that too! 

Thankfully most people who I have told about the home have been supportive. And I have found some great websites (if you can get past the hippie-ness)
 which I'll post when I have more time and more info...

Just think how exciting it will be to have another Jude or Ella running around!!