Monday, September 12, 2011

Officially having a home birth

Yep that's right! I am dropping my insurance paid midwife... I use that term loosely because you know you pay for it on way or another! Yes even with insurance you will pay from around $4000-$8000 for a baby to be born in a hospital, Yikes right!? 
So back to the midwife... again I use that term loosely too as she DOES NOT want me to have the baby at home... one of the reasons is because... wait for it, wait for it... I'm too old!!!! (Insert raised eyebrows here and sad face) ha! too old indeed, what is she thinking I am just a little over 37 and wonderfully healthy and fit and I am very young!!! ok maybe in mind, but seriously! too old! lady your too old.
Don't worry I still have insurance just in case. 
So with my last post a friend recommended a friend, who had a baby at home, she in turn recommend these midwives here... (thank you so much for doing so!) who we are now going to use, and I am so happy about it and also so happy to find a reasonably priced ($3500) duo of ladies who know what they are doing and can't wait to help out... More to come about this I promise.
So right now I am about 18 weeks the size of a bell pepper HA! well at least the baby is supposed to be, I'm about the size of a small hippo, but hey at least they are cute right???
I am not going to do the veggie thing tonight because I don't really want to get of the sofa and take a picture, and because I don't have a bell pepper either, but here's a picture of one just in case you had forgotten what they looked liked?


  1. Ah! You're half way there! I'm really excited for some reason!

  2. A small hippo!...Really!!!! I don't think so. You are fabulously gorgeous and NOT the size of a small hippo.(HEE HEE) We're so excited about the little man.