Saturday, October 22, 2011

More baby bump pictures...

Well I thought I would be more diligent at posting pictures of my bump... alas that is not the case, I need another day in the week just like everyone else I guess?!

So I am around 24 weeks, which makes me 6 months now, and I feel like I am packing on the pounds, but that's ok! I love my round belly and I am feeling great, although the heartburn has started to kick in now, again that's OK I knew it was coming.
So the baby is between the size of a papaya and an aubergine also known as an eggplant in the USA I just like the real name for it better!

I feel him move a lot, but still willing a calm baby! PLEASE a calm baby!!
We are having a hard time picking out boys names, any suggestions??

So here are some pictures of the belly! Yes like most people I HATE having my picture taken, not because I don't like being in front of the camera, I just happen to think I am a very unphotogenic person... what I see in the pictures is not really what I thought I looked like at the time! In most of these I am messing around! Sorry it's just shows my level of maturity.

Really in these pictures you can't see how much I'm showing, trust me it's there, unfortunately my chest is enormous and at this point is out growing the belly!

I'm so crafty I make people?! Have you heard of this expression yet... well here I am showing off my amazing muscles... try not to laugh to hard!

Nurturing my baby aubergine!

And yes I am still riding my amazing bike... just look at it, how can I not!

Until next time... BYEEEEEEEE


  1. You're BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations. So happy for you. I think Aubergine is a perfectly acceptable name. Auber for short? Or Bergy? Hope the heartburn subsides.

    Emily a la Blog

  2. @Emily a la Blog
    Thanks for your nice comments :)