Friday, December 30, 2011

Another before and after

Has it really been two months since I last posted?! Wow that is really lame of me!
But there is a really good reason why it has been so long!
I'm pregnant !!!
Actually I've been ill boring old-nothing-to-do-with-being-pregnant ill...
And I see no end in sight, but it's fine I can live with the bruised ribs from the coughing and back ache! As long as I get better in time to push this baby out!
During this miserable cold flu thingy I have still managed to work and to do something fun for us!
I know shocking, how often can you say that?  I think we should all take more time to do things for ourselves/family... it can be very rewarding and almost therapeutic!
Anyway I digress as usual.

So most of you know by now we are having a boy!
Yay... less teenage girl hormones the better IMO
Ella can continue to be the only princess in this household which is good for her (and me)

I thought I would share the before and after pictures from the soon to be boy(s) bedroom. It did turn out cute but not to cutesie, Jude approves which is all that matters (kind of).

So here come all the pictures from BEFORE...

As  you can  see the walls are RED very RED, Jude's favorite colour is red so when I told him these needed to go he was not happy, not happy in the slightest, I even tried showing him the paint chip to convince him that the new colour (Martha Stewart's Plumage) is going to look fab... Nope didn't care, so we took his feelings into consideration and painted over the red!

But first...

I had to make the blinds, they really were time consuming but these horrid little blinds that were up before (you know how I feel about them)  half of which had already fallen down due to the fact they have probably been up for around 20 years needed to go.

 And now the AFTER...

So because I had put my back out as well as having a fever at the time I didn't get to help out with the painting... So sad about that!
But my lovely men stepped in and did it for me... They always to such a better job then me anyway!
The blue shows up quite bright because of the flash, but its more of a gray tone then this bright blue.

Yes Jude is a man at work!

So for the window treatments I made roman blinds/shades and painstakingly cut out and appliqued this boat being tossed around by waves.
I wanted this to look like this famous painting by Hokusai I saw this up close once and it has stayed with me ever since.

They're not exactly like the painting but you get the idea.

Here are the blind pulls, just die cast toys with a hole drilled through.
If you decide to do this make sure you don't drill while holding these in your lap, it can hurt!

 Below is actually a good picture of what the colour really looks like!

Jude's bed really went well with the theme.

 I had found this vintage crib on Craigslist and refinished it (don't worry free of lead paint now and the slats are less then 2.5" so he won't get stuck)
We weren't going to do the whole crib thing, but after scoring this it seemed like a good idea.
The bedding I wanted was from dwell studio, but I didn't want all the same thing so I would have had to have bought 3 different sets!
Stupid I know, so it was definitely better to customize it, although making the bumper was a royal pain in the bum! 
But I like (kind of) how it turned out.


And some custom art work done by a good friend along with some re-claimed barn-wood framed maps and then of course a wooden boat mobile and we are done! 

I am hoping to get some pictures taken of baby when he comes, I have to say this currently is my favorite room, maybe because it's stayed tidy! 
As it's a large room so we all tend to hang out and play/read books.
I am hoping Baby likes to SLEEP here as well!

Anyway if you need help with a child's bedroom or a nursery I'm your girl. 
I am now officially an expert! 
And as you can see I have lots of places to get the custom finishing touches...
So stop by An English View and contact me! 

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